Thirona’s artery-vein and segment segmentation helps in lung cancer surgeries

A new paper has just been published in high-impact journal JTCVS Techniques, showing the added value of AI-based lung segmentation and VR technology in lung cancer surgery planning. In the study from Erasmus Medical Center, Thirona's lung CT segmentation was visualized in a 3D virtual reality environment from MedicalVR for planning complex lung segmentectomies.


Artificial Intelligence for analysis of chest CT images

LungQ is an AI-based analysis software that quantifies lung abnormalities on thoracic CT scans, to aid in the detection, evaluation, and treatment planning of lung diseases.

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Artificial intelligence for analysis of chest X-ray images

CAD4TB is a computer-aided detection system that can detect tuberculosis-related abnormalities in posterior-anterior chest X-rays.

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Artificial Intelligence for analysis of retina images

RetCAD is a computer-aided detection system that detects abnormalities related to Diabetic Retinopathy (DR), Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD), and glaucoma in color fundus images.

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Certified image analysis service

Thirona offers quantitative image analysis through ISO 13485-certified Image Analysis Service to ensure high-quality results.

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