• Our chest X-ray solution

    To detect tuberculosis-related abnormalities in posterior anterior chest X-rays, Thirona developed CAD4TB™.This computer-aided detection software takes a single chest X-ray as its input, in the form of a DICOM image, and produces several outputs: a quality assessment of the input image, a heat map highlighting possible abnormal areas, and a score between 0 and 100 indicating the likelihood of the X-ray being abnormal and the subject on the X-ray being affected by tuberculosis.

    CAD4TB – introduction
  • CAD4TB – introduction

    How does it work?

    CAD4TB™ has been developed following the principles of supervised machine learning: in the process of computing its score, it compares regions in the input image with regions extracted from normal and abnormal images previously processed by the system, which constitute the so-called training set. One of the conditions for proper supervised learning is that this training set should be representative of the test data; otherwise, results may not be reliable. To fulfill this condition, and thus make CAD4TB™ applicable to diverse scenarios, the system has been trained with data from several populations and several X-ray devices.

  • Partnering with Delft Imaging Systems

    Delft Imaging Systems develops affordable diagnostic imaging innovations, with a focus on the screening for tuberculosis. Delft is the exclusive distributor of the CAD4TB software and has spearheaded the succesful activation of CAD4TB in over thirty countries globally.

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    CAD4TB – introduction


  • CE certified

    CAD4TB is a CE certified solution.
  • Implemented in 30+ countries

    CAD4TB has been successfully implemented in over 30 countries globally.
  • Screens 5,000+ people daily

    CAD4TB supports the screening for tuberculosis of over 5,000 people every day, all over the world.
  • Referenced by WHO

    CAD4TB was included in WHO's compendium of innovative technologies for low-resource settings.
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CAD4TB white paper

Our CAD4TB white paper describes the general principles of the CAD4TB software, explains matters like the ROC curve, sensitivity specificity, threshold values and how to interpret the results.

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CAD4TB demo

A demo of CAD4TB is available through the button below. If you have any questions about the demo, please contact us. Login: demo@example.com. Password: demoaccount

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