Our solutions 

for retina, chest CT

and chest X-ray.


An image analysis service that delivers accurate and repeatable quantifications from thoracic medical imaging data.

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  • 510(k) Cleared

    Thirona's LungQ solution has been 510(k) cleared by the FDA.
  • CE Certified

    LungQ is a CE certified solution.
  • TGA certified

    LungQ is a TGA certified solution.
  • Data of 100+ hospitals

    We process data from over 100 hospitals in Europe, North America and Australia.


A computer-aided detection system that can detect tuberculosis-related abnormalities in posterior-anterior chest X-rays.

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  • CE Certified

    CAD4TB is a CE certified solution.
  • Implemented in 30+ countries

    CAD4TB has been successfully implemented in over 30 countries globally.
  • Screens 5,000+ people daily

    CAD4TB supports the screening for tuberculosis of over 5,000 people every day, all over the world.
  • Referenced by WHO

    CAD4TB was included in WHO's compendium of innovative technologies for low-resource settings.
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A computer-aided detection system solution capable of detecting abnormalities related to Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD) and Diabetic Retinopathy (DR) on color fundus images.

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  • CE Certified

    RetCAD is a CE certified solution.
  • Trained with varied data

    RetCAD has been trained with data from several populations and several color fundus camera's.

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