Thirona offers an ISO 13485 certified image analysis service delivering accurate and repeatable quantifications from thoracic and retinal medical imaging data. The image analysis service is setup as a controlled process to ensure high-quality, repeatable results. The image analysis service compromises the following steps:

  • Project specific training of imaging analysts for each image analysis service project to ensure personalized setup for each customer
  • Validation of project setup within the image analysis service
  • Quality assessment of incoming data. Each incoming image is automatically checked against specifics agreed with each customer followed by a visual quality check by an analyst.
  • Automatic analysis of the medical data by a Thirona product
  • Review of the results of the automatic analysis; Thirona employs strict protocols for review and has proprietary interactive algorithms to interact with the results of the products.
  • Second analyst sign-off; every result is always checked by a second analyst before sign-off of the results to ensure high quality results for every case
  • Delivery of results: the results are delivered back to the customer in a format agreed beforehand such as structured reports or interactive viewing.