Thirona was founded in 2014 by Eva van Rikxoort and Bram van Ginneken, both scientists at the Radboud University Medical Center in Nijmegen, the Netherlands. Our vision is to bridge the gap between academic developments in medical image analysis and clinical usability. We do this by creating intuitive and user-friendly products that include state-of-the-art deep learning technology to aid medical specialists in their daily tasks.

Since its establishment in 2014, Thirona has quickly grown from a real start-up with two employees to a well established company with over 30 employees.

What's in a name

The name Thirona comes from the celtic goddess named Thirona, worshipped for healing. Although more commonly spelled as Sirona in the Latin alphabet, the spelling Thirona was chosen to reflect our roots in thoracic image analysis.


Since its establishment in 2014, Thirona has developed three AI software products focusing on the analysis of thoracic CT scans (LungQ), chest X-rays (CAD4TB), and retinal images (RetCAD). For the Coronavirus pandemic in 2020, Thirona has developed two dedicated AI solutions for X-ray and CT (CAD4COVID). Additionally, Thirona offers a certified image analysis service delivering accurate and repeatable measurements from medical images. Thirona is MDR compliant and operates under ISO 13485 certification.


State of the art software for medical image analysis.

Image Analysis Service

ISO 13485 certified image analysis service


  • Eva van Rikxoort, Ph.D.
    Eva van Rikxoort, Ph.D.Chief Executive Officer
  • Guido Geerts, M.Sc.
    Guido Geerts, M.Sc.Co-Chief Executive Officer
  • Bram van Ginneken, Ph.D.
    Bram van Ginneken, Ph.D.Chief Scientific Officer
  • Taner Hamamioglu
    Taner HamamiogluChief Financial Officer
  • Rick Philipsen Ph.D.
    Rick Philipsen Ph.D.Head of Development CAD4TB
  • Mark van Grinsven, Ph.D.
    Mark van Grinsven, Ph.D.Head of Development RetCAD
  • Jean-Paul Charbonnier, Ph.D.
    Jean-Paul Charbonnier, Ph.D.Head of Development LungQ
  • Gerwin Salentijn, M.Sc.
    Gerwin Salentijn, M.Sc.Project Manager
  • Iva Pertot, M.Sc.
    Iva Pertot, M.Sc.Head of Image Analysis Service
  • Annet Meijers, M.Sc.
    Annet Meijers, M.Sc.Deep Learning Engineer
  • Leticia Gallardo Estrella, Ph.D.
    Leticia Gallardo Estrella, Ph.D.Deep Learning Engineer
  • Rudolfs Latisenko, M.Sc.
    Rudolfs Latisenko, M.Sc.Deep Learning Engineer
  • Péter Bándi, M.Sc.
    Péter Bándi, M.Sc.Deep Learning Engineer
  • Jonne Engelberts, M.Sc.
    Jonne Engelberts, M.Sc.Deep Learning Engineer
  • Steffen Kaiser, M.Sc.
    Steffen Kaiser, M.Sc.Deep Learning Engineer
  • Jaime Melendez, Ph.D
    Jaime Melendez, Ph.DDeep Learning Engineer
  • Michail Tsiaousis, M.Sc
    Michail Tsiaousis, M.ScDeep Learning Engineer
  • Ruben Kluge, M.Sc.
    Ruben Kluge, M.Sc.Deep Learning Engineer
  • Karan Malhotra, M.Sc.
    Karan Malhotra, M.Sc.Deep Learning Engineer
  • Laurens Weitkamp, M.Sc.
    Laurens Weitkamp, M.Sc.Deep Learning Engineer
  • Sofia Mastrogianni, M.Sc.
    Sofia Mastrogianni, M.Sc.Deep Learning Engineer
  • Linus van Elswijk, M.Sc.
    Linus van Elswijk, M.Sc.Software Engineer
  • Kiran Maharaj, M.Sc.
    Kiran Maharaj, M.Sc.Software Engineer
  • Sander Hendrix
    Sander HendrixSoftware Engineer
  • Hasan Yazici
    Hasan YaziciSoftware Engineer
  • Ragavendra Madhavara, MSc.
    Ragavendra Madhavara, MSc.Software Engineer
  • Kostadin Belchev, B.Sc.
    Kostadin Belchev, B.Sc.Software Engineer
  • Mohammed Harbiye, M.Sc.
    Mohammed Harbiye, M.Sc.Business Development Manager
  • Hans Liefting
    Hans LieftingBusiness Development Manager
  • Florent Geerts
    Florent GeertsBusiness Development Manager
  • Carla Kalkhoven, M.Sc.
    Carla Kalkhoven, M.Sc.Business Development Manager
  • Feline Smeenk, M.Sc.
    Feline Smeenk, M.Sc.Business Development Manager
  • Diederik Sakkers
    Diederik SakkersBusiness Development Manager
  • Aleksandra Boers-Pyra
    Aleksandra Boers-PyraMarketing Manager
  • Lydia Pannekoek
    Lydia PannekoekQA/RA Manager
  • Dilara Dandin
    Dilara DandinQA/RA Specialist
  • Allison Luger, Ph.D.
    Allison Luger, Ph.D.Grant Manager
  • Suzanne Nijhuis, M.Sc.
    Suzanne Nijhuis, M.Sc.Image Analysis Service Lead
  • Fennie van der Graaf, M.Sc.
    Fennie van der Graaf, M.Sc.Image Analysis Service Lead
  • Jochem van der Heijden
    Jochem van der HeijdenImage Analysis Service Lead
  • Esmeralda Kamerling
    Esmeralda KamerlingManagement Assistent