• Our chest CT solution

    For more accurate diagnosis of lung diseases, Thirona offers quality chest CT scan analysis with our software LungQ™. It precisely detects emphysematous regions in the lungs, airtrapping, airway morphology, and fissure completeness. With LungQ™ we can support the interpretation of chest CT scans for early and fast diagnosis, selection of patients for treatment, treatment planning, and helping disease progression management. LungQ™ is used both in research trials and clinical settings.

    LungQ – introduction
  • LungQ – introduction – Steps

    LungQ image analysis service

    Thirona offers LungQ as an image analysis service. This service contains a series of steps:

    • Project-specific training of imaging analysts for each image analysis service project
    • Validation of project setup within the image analysis service
    • Quality assessment of incoming data
    • Automatic analysis of the medical data by a Thirona product
    • Review of the results of the automatic analysis
    • Second analyst sign-off; every result is always checked by a second analyst before sign-off
    • Delivery of results: the results are delivered back to the customer


  • 510(k) cleared

    Thirona's LungQ solution has been 510(k) cleared by the FDA.
  • CE certified

    LungQ is a CE certified solution.
  • TGA certified

    LungQ is a TGA certified solution.
  • Data of 100+ hospitals

    We process data from over 100 hospitals in Europe, North America and Australia.

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