CAD4COVID-XRay and CAD4COVID-CT are CE certified

Today, June 10th 2020, our Notified Body has granted CE certifications for both our CAD4COVID-CT and CAD4COVID-XRay solutions. Both have been granted Class II CE certifications, meaning they can officially be used as tools to aid in the interpretation of imaging COVID-19. The CE (0344) approval will help to further support the roll-out of both solutions, which will continue to be available free-of-charge to support healthcare facilities globally to face the pandemic.

We have launched CAD4COVID-CT

Today, we are proud to launch CAD4COVID-CT, our artificial intelligence software for the analysis of COVID-19 on CT scans. Three weeks ago, we already launched our X-ray based solution for COVID-19 (CAD4COVID-Xray) in collaboration with Delft Imaging, which has since been made accessible to healthcare facilities in twelve countries. Click to read more and visit or email

In silico heaven

In modern medicine it is more and more important that your clinical trial works and if a device is being implanted it will not be rejected by the body. For this, extensive testing is necessary, however, with the help of computer chips fewer animals and people are needed. In the following article by Gemma Church, this is discussed and RetCAD is also mentioned.

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