Fast and statistically powerful clinical trials with medical imaging AI

Quantitative evaluation of medical images plays an increasingly important role in research and clinical trials for drug development. Imaging-based outcomes reveal deeper insights into pulmonary diseases and allow for an earlier identification of abnormalities, with much better accuracy and precision, in comparison to traditional pulmonary function test methods. Our advanced solutions for AI-powered chest CT analysis provide a fast and detailed quantitative assessment of all major lung and respiratory pathologies.

Wide range of extensively validated and novel biomarkers

Our modular platform contains generalizable deep learning models developed for anatomical and disease-related quantification tasks in a multitude of diseases.

Advanced anatomical segmentation algorithms of the lungs, lobes, pulmonary (sub)segments, interlobar fissures, airways and anatomical branches, pulmonary arteries and pulmonary veins allow for very precise and detailed exploration of local lung pathologies for both common and rare pulmonary diseases such as COPD, Asthma, COVID-19, Cystic Fibrosis, Interstitial Lung Disease, Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension and more.

Thirona's artificial intelligence-based quantification software for chest CT scans provides:

  • Anatomical measures and biomarkers such as: volumes of each anatomical structure, parenchymal density evaluation, bronchial and vascular dimensions, airway-artery analysis (AA), fissure completeness, artery-vein phenotyping (AVX), etc.
  • Disease-related severity and distribution assessment for: emphysema, air trapping, bronchial wall thickening, bronchial and vascular dropout, covid-19 infection, bronchiectasis, fibrosis, mucous impaction, atelectasis, CT-approximated perfusion (PXT) and ventilation defects, pulmonary vascular enlargement, etc.

Outcomes precisely tailored to specific trial requirements

Ensuring high reliability of trial outcomes starts with a thorough understanding of the trial objectives and the quantitative measurements required.

With our extended domain expertise and proven track record in supporting innovations for early drug and treatment development through validation studies, we have the ability to effectively tailor the service to specific project needs.

We provide comprehensive clinical trial and research services, from study design and inclusion criteria, to translation to clinical practice.

Our proven methodology

  • Understand the trial goals, desired treatment outcomes & population requirements

  • Define the best-fit-for-purpose biomarkers

  • Set image acquisition protocol requirements for reproducible results

  • Tailor the study to patient populations and conclude effective inclusion criteria

Supporting the full process towards optimal end results


    Biomarkers precisely tailored to patient populations | Image acquisition requirements to ensure reproducible results | Effective inclusion criteria


    Normalization of incoming CT scans for reproducible quantitative assessment | AI Algorithms designed to handle data variation


    Wide range of validated and novel biomarkers | Specialized Image Analysis Service for complex assessments | Pivotal markers approved for
    clinical use in Europe, UK, USA and Australia


    ISO 13485 certified quality assurance process | 2-step quality review by human analysts


    Quantitative and 3D visual representation of outcomes | Imaging Expert Assistance for outcome interpretation

Certified solution

Certified for Europe and FDA 510(k) cleared software for chest CT image analysis

LungQ™ precisely detects emphysematous regions in the lungs, air trapping, airway morphology, and fissure completeness. It enables the interpretation of chest CT scans for early and fast diagnosis, selection of patients for treatment, treatment planning, and helping disease progression management. LungQ™ is used both in research trials and clinical settings.

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How can we help?

Talk to our representatives to explore how we can jointly define an image analysis program precisely tailored to your clinical trial requirements.

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Business development manager for clinical trials

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