ATS 2022, San Fransisco: AI in medical imaging is taking off

May 19th, 2022

American Thoracic Society International Conference is a place to share our capabilities, talk to business partners and establish new connections. The 2022 conference was an excellent opportunity to personally meet the respiratory expert community, exchange novelties and developments in the field of AI in lung imaging. It has been a great time for conversations with professionals in the pulmonary field with a variety of backgrounds including representatives of MedTech and Pharma industry, academic researchers and clinical practitioners. Our extensive team of experts were present to demonstrate our novel capabilities in AI-powered quantification of thoracic CT scans, enabling innovations in pulmonary drug & treatment development and precision medicine. We are leaving reassured of the growing need for high-precision analysis of thoracic scans. One thing is clear: Artificial Intelligence in medical imaging is definitely taking off.

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