Bringing AI into hospitals – Empowering personalized patient treatment

December 9th, 2022

The conventional clinical care process is usually quite time-consuming for the radiologist and can be error-prone due to the extent of effort required. AI-assisted workflow has been proven to streamline the process of getting personalized care. With the help of #LungQ Clinical Suite physiologists can get precise quantifications instantly and provide treatment plans faster. 

Our partners Philips & Incepto successfully launched AI platforms, focusing on workflow integration and ease of use, allowing hospitals to choose from a range of well validated applications from multiple AI providers. We firmly believe that the potential of AI is in its power to not only assist radiologists alleviate their heavy workload. AI-assisted analysis provides objectively quantified outcomes, and often reveals deeper insights into disease progression. This provides a strong basis for radiologists and pulmonologists for faster and reliable diagnosis, and accordingly more accurately personalized treatment planning for the patient. By joining forces with new integration partners, LungQ™ Clinical Suite is now available on Philips Healthsuite Marketplace and soon on the Incepto Clinical AI Platform. 

LungQ™ Clinical Suite is not available for sale in all countries, please contact Thirona for details on availability.

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