Thirona partners with Free Flow Medical for AI-powered clinical solutions to treat COPD patients

May 17th, 2022

Nijmegen, the Netherlands (May 16, 2022) - Thirona BV, expert in AI-powered quantitative analysis of thoracic CT scans, and Free Flow Medical® Inc., a leading provider of products to treat late-stage Emphysema (COPD), signed a partnership agreement to provide clinicians with advanced high-precision tools for treatment planning.

”Free Flow Medical’s FreeFlow® Coil System for bronchoscopic lung volume reduction (BLVR) is a versatile and personalized lung volume reduction therapy available for COPD patients (designed to be equally effective in heterogenous and homogenous emphysema, regardless of fissure integrity or presence of collateral ventilation).  Hence, specific patient data is key to treatment planning”, says Gerard Criner MD, Chair and Professor of Thoracic Medicine and Surgery, Lewis Katz School of Medicine at Temple University.

Thirona’s computer-aided quantitative-CT densitometry analysis (QCT) will be provided to pulmonologists in the form of Free Flow Medical's own report called Compass®. Specific targeting information will enable bronchoscopic minimally invasive delivery of the FreeFlow Coil to achieve optimum results.

Thirona specializes in high-precision analysis of lung images with Artificial Intelligence (AI), focusing on innovations for personalized treatment of common and rare lung diseases.  By working together with leading med-tech and pharmaceutical companies, Thirona combines the latest science and technology to develop solutions that are intuitive for the clinical user and aid medical specialists in their daily tasks.

Thirona’s LungQ™ software will provide highly accurate quantifications of anatomical volumes and disease distribution to power the Free Flow Medical Compass service for quantitative CT analysis. “Computer-aided, quantitative CT - densitometry analysis (QCT) has proven to be an important part of coil treatment planning which reduces procedure time and enhances implant effectiveness”, says Mark Mathis, CEO and Founder of Free Flow Medical. “Thirona provides the most advanced validated software for quantitative-CT-analysis.  This collaboration makes it possible for us to provide our customers with the most precise QCT information possible.”

“Closing in on 10 million lung images analyzed and over 180 scientific publications validating our solutions used in over 600 clinics worldwide, we are confident to provide FreeFlow® Coil users with a highly reliable set of tools, enabling them to deliver best possible patient care”, says Eva van Rikxoort, CEO and Founder of Thirona.

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