Thirona spins out the Retina business to pursue long-term growth plans

January 10th, 2023

Nijmegen, the Netherlands (January 10th, 2023) – Following the growing market demand and recent expansion of RetCAD™ - Thirona's flagship AI solution for eye disease screening – Thirona decided to spin out its Retina division into Thirona Retina BV, as per January 1st, 2023.

Thirona specializes in artificial intelligence for lung and retinal image analysis allowing for precise quantification of abnormalities related to pulmonary and eye diseases. The high-precision analyses contribute to development of innovative solutions for screening, diagnostics, and personalized patient treatment.

To advance the company’s ability to anticipate on increasing patients’ needs and to pursue long-term growth plans in both fields of expertise, the company decided to spin out her Retina division.

While building further on the scientific heritage and technology expertise of Thirona in the field of AI-assisted medical image analysis, Thirona Retina BV will focus entirely on the eye diseases market and act as a stand-alone legal entity. Thirona BV will continue to concentrate on AI-powered solutions for precision medicine in lung diseases, in partnership with pharmaceutical, med-tech and clinical care integration companies.

“To ensure business continuity and to allow our new entity to grow in a focused manner, Thirona BV will continue to support the Retina team with shared resources, where needed.”, comments Eva van Rikxoort, Founder and CEO of Thirona. “We are happy to see our Retina business maturing and quickly gaining market traction.”

“We are convinced that this step will allow our Retina team to fully concentrate on the development of AI-powered solutions for eye diseases, to support growing patients’ needs and to intensify partnerships with our channel partners in eye care markets.”, says Mark van Grinsven, Managing Director of Thirona Retina BV. “The Class IIa European MDR CE certified RetCAD™ is already being integrated by all major fundus camera providers such as iCare, Topcon, Canon, Tomey and Nidek. More dedication will allow us to speed up the expansion to other channels and to grow our leadership position globally.”

“This formal separation ensures that both companies are optimally positioned to pursue their growth plans and maximizes the ability to create value in their respective markets .”, says Guido Geerts, Partner and co-CEO of Thirona BV.

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