We have launched CAD4COVID-CT

April 23rd, 2020

Today, we are proud to launch CAD4COVID-CT, our artificial intelligence software for the analysis of COVID-19 on CT scans. Three weeks ago, we already launched our X-ray based solution for COVID-19 (CAD4COVID-Xray) in collaboration with Delft Imaging, which has since been made accessible to healthcare facilities in twelve countries. We have built on our existing expertise in chest CT analysis through our product LungQ to develop CAD4COVID-CT. The software assesses the suspicion of COVID-19 as well as the severity of the infection based on the percentage of affected lung. CAD4COVID has been made available globally and free-of-charge in support of the current crisis situation. A big thanks to our partners RadboudUMC, Fraunhofer MEVIS , Smart Reporting and HT Medica , for their support. For more information, please visit https://thirona.eu/cad4covid/ or email info@thirona.eu.

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