ISO 27001 certification for Thirona assures that patients' data is handled according to stringent information security guidelines

July 1st, 2022

Nijmegen, The Netherlands (July 1, 2022) - Thirona BV, expert in AI-powered analysis of medical images, announces to be awarded ISO 27001 and NEN 7510 certifications.

ISO 27001 is the most stringent internationally recognized and widely accepted information security management standard for data and assets protection. NEN 7510 is the Dutch norm for information in the healthcare sector. Both certificates confirm company’s commitment to the protection and safety of data.

Thirona is internationally operating Dutch-based company and specializes in AI-powered quantitative analysis of medicalimages, for lung and retinal diseases. By partnering with med-tech and pharmaceutical companies, Thirona supports development of innovations for personalized treatment and precision medicine. In collaboration with medical devices manufacturers and healthcare services providers, Thirona develops software solutions that aid medical specialists in their daily tasks.

“Information security is paramount in healthcare industry. Medical companies and healthcare providers must be able to rely on their technology partners to keep their data secure, when collecting, storing, and transmitting personal health data of the patients”, says Steffen Kaiser, Information Security Officer at Thirona.

“Our reputation is built upon quality and reliability. The certification marks a logical milestone in our growth journey. We are delighted to see our customers have even more confidence in our products and services, with respect to information security standards”, reflects Eva van Rikxoort, CEO and founder of Thirona.

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